FSSAI Registration for Food Businesses

Just as businesses engaged in import and export need an Import Export Code (IEC), food businesses in India require Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) registration. This registration ensures that food products meet the necessary quality and safety standards set by the regulatory authority.

What is FSSAI Registration?

FSSAI Registration is a mandatory requirement for individuals or entities involved in the manufacturing, processing, storage, distribution, and sale of food products. Issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), this registration certifies that the food business complies with the established food safety standards.

When is FSSAI Registration Required?

FSSAI Registration is essential under the following circumstances:
  1. Commencement of Food Business: Any food business operator, whether small or large, involved in the production or distribution of food products, must obtain FSSAI registration before starting operations.
  2. Ensuring Food Safety Standards: FSSAI registration is crucial to guarantee that the food products meet the prescribed safety and quality standards, ensuring the well-being of consumers.
  3. Legal Compliance: It is a legal requirement for any entity involved in the food business to obtain FSSAI registration to operate within the regulatory framework.
  4. Consumer Trust and Credibility: FSSAI registration enhances consumer trust and confidence as it signifies that the food business follows stringent quality and safety measures.
  5. Expansion and Collaboration: FSSAI registration is often required when expanding the business or entering into collaborations with other food businesses, as proof of compliance with regulatory standards.
  6. Government Tenders and Contracts: Participation in government tenders or contracts related to food supply may necessitate FSSAI registration as a prerequisite.
  7. Export of Food Products: For businesses involved in exporting food products, FSSAI registration is essential to comply with international food safety standards and gain approval for export.
  8. Avoiding Legal Consequences: Failure to obtain FSSAI registration can lead to legal consequences, including penalties and closure of the food business.

Why TaxBizz India as your service provider for FSSAI ?

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