ROC Compliance Annual Filings

  • What are the ROC compliances?

    The annual ROC compliances are detailed reporting of the business procedures that every registered company/LLP in India should submit within the due date prescribed in the Companies Act, 2013 and Companies Rules. The companies/LLP must file the ROC forms with ROC without fail, or else they will have to pay a penalty. 

    How to do ROC form filing?

    Companies/LLP must download the forms from the MCA website. They need to fill it, attach the required documents and submit them on the MCA portal.  

    Are the forms that need to be filed with ROC monthly or yearly?

    The ROC forms are annual forms. There are no forms that need to be filed every month with the ROC. The forms to be filed with the ROC relate to the financial information of the company/LLP for a financial year. 

    Can we ask for an extension from the ROC for filing forms?

    Yes. A company/LLP can ask for an extension in the due date for filing a ROC form by applying for an extension with the ROC where the company/LLP is registered. The company/LLP has to state the reason for the extension required for filing a form. The ROC will grant an extension if the reason is valid.  

Why TaxBizz India as your service provider for ROC Compliance Annual Filings ?

Choosing TaxBizz India as your service provider for ROC Compliance Annual Filings ensures meticulous attention to detail, timely submissions, and adherence to regulatory requirements. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we strive to streamline the compliance process, mitigate risks, and maintain transparent communication, thereby enabling your business to focus on its core activities while ensuring statutory compliance.

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