OPC Registration

One person company (OPC) in India is one of the easiest forms of corporate entities to manage. OPC is a hybrid of Sole-Proprietorship and Corporate form of business. It has been provided with various concessions in compliance requirements under the Companies Act. It is a form of a company where the compliance requirements are lesser than a private company. OPC registration is very easy and cheap process.


OPC Registration opens up new business opportunities for sole proprietors and entrepreneurs who also wish to enjoy the advantages of limited liability, and a separate legal entity as well. OPC does away with the hassles of finding the right partner for starting a business as the registered entity. It requires only one person who will act as a member, shareholder, and director.


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One Person Company (OPC) registration fees:

Government fees for registering a One Person Company (OPC) in India depends on the nominal Share Capital of the company. For e.g. The Government fees for the OPC registration whose Share Capital is 10,00,000 the Government fees would be 2,000/- rupees. Whereas if nominal share capital ranges between Rs. 10,00,000 to Rs. 50,00,000 – Rs 2,000. Rs. 200 will be added for every Rs. 10,000 or part thereof of nominal share capital.


However, there would be additional costs such as DIN application fees, stamp duties, form filing fees as well for OPC Incorporation in India.


Do not miss filing Form 20A once you have registered your OPC !

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Documents Required for One Person Company (OPC) Registration Process

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