TDS Notices

  • For TDS Notices, it’s imperative for individuals liable to deduct tax at source to file a TDS Return. This quarterly statement must be submitted to the Income Tax Department of India. Compliance with TDS Return submission is mandatory for deductors and should include all details of TDS deducted and deposited for a specific quarter.
  • In case of errors in the original TDS Returns, such as incorrect PAN, dates, or inadequate tax deduction, TDS correction or revision may be necessary to ensure accurate crediting of deducted TDS. It’s essential to revise the TDS Return promptly to rectify any mistakes.
  • Additionally, if there’s any shortfall in TDS payment and you receive a notice from the income tax department, revising your TDS return becomes necessary. Simply paying the shortfall isn’t sufficient; it must be reflected in a correctly filed TDS statement.
  • TDS returns can be corrected multiple times, and there’s no specific deadline for revisions. Thus, it’s crucial to file correction returns promptly upon discovering any errors.

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