ROC Compliance Change in Directors

    1. Intimation to ROC: We have promptly notified the ROC about the change in directors as per the statutory timelines prescribed.

    2. Update in Director Identification Number (DIN): Any alterations in the composition of the Board necessitate the updating of DIN details with the ROC.

    3. Amendment in Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA): The changes in the directorship are reflected in the MoA and AoA, and requisite filings have been made with the ROC accordingly.

    4. Board Resolution: A board resolution has been passed acknowledging and approving the change in directors, in compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act.

    5. Filing of Form DIR-12: This form, mandated by the ROC, has been duly filled and submitted, providing comprehensive details of the new director(s) along with necessary supporting documents.

    6. Disclosure to Stock Exchanges (if applicable): In case our company is listed, we have ensured timely disclosure of the changes in compliance with the regulations of the respective stock exchanges.

    7. Update in Annual Return (Form MGT-7): The alteration in the composition of the Board will be reflected in the annual return filing with the ROC, ensuring comprehensive compliance.

    These compliance measures are fundamental not only for regulatory adherence but also for upholding transparency and accountability within our organization. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

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